Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why I bake

What do I do after a long day of work and hour long Zumba class?

I bake. I'd wanted to bake since Monday, but with so much to do at work, I just didn't find the time. But sooner or later I have to scratch that baking itch.

I'm not sure why baking calms me so much. Maybe it's all the measuring or the steps you must do in order. The obvious bonuses are the smell wafting through my apartment and it's contents in my belly.

Have you ever had a mouthful of flour? When I was little, my church would have picnics and have relay races. One relay had two adults holding plates of flour with candy hidden in it. You had to race with another kid, with your hands tied behind your back and "find" the candy with your mouth. It was disgusting. I, of course, tried a few times and gave up, gagging.

But in baking you need that flour, baking soda, salt, oil, etc. in addition to sugar to make cookies or cakes or muffins. It's the sweet and the bitter that come together to make something wonderful.

I'm reminded that in life you won't always have 'sweet' days.  But maybe you need the bitter sometimes to make something better.

So bring it on, week. You are almost over.

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  1. I love baking once it's in the oven and the smell fills the house. Not so much a fan of the putting it all together, but the boys like to help now, so that makes it a lot more fun. :o)