Sunday, December 23, 2012

Anthropologie inspired snow globe

Handmade snow globes

If you are a fan of Anthropologie (and by fan I mean obsessive follower, can'tpassthestorewithoutgoingin, and sale item stalker) you may recognize this DIY. Their version of the snow globe can cost you anywhere between $18 to $40; not cheap. So when my friend Ari and I saw these, we thought, 'We could make those!'  And we did, for about $5 a pop! It was surprisingly easy to make and so much fun too! 

DIY snow globes

- mason jars
- mini trees
- fake snow (we used silver and white iridescent glitter, which was cheaper)
- gorilla glue (or any permanent glue)
- ribbons
- tulle
- clear basket wrap

*scrapbook paper + gluestick + baker's twine
*Christmas decor + hot glue gun

Freshly baked, warm chocolate chip cookies and Christmas music are also optional. :) Thanks Ari's mom!

                                                      Getting our shopping on at Michael's :)


1.    Open all your mason jars and set them aside. Lay out all your other materials.  We found some pretty and decorative jars at Michael's. Try to get ones without any pictures or writing on them. 

2.    Take the gorilla glue and put some on the bottom of the tree. Carefully stick the tree on the inside bottom of the mason jar lid. You will need to let it dry for at least 30 minutes. Glue all your trees on the lids and set aside.

3.    Meanwhile, you can make your mini bunting! This step is optional, but it just added something to the snow globes and seriously, who doesn't love bunting?  I am horrible at free form cutting, so I made a diamond template with some cardboard (use the cardboard from the tree packaging) and just cut the pieces out with scrap paper from the Paper Studio (the Classics pack). That way you know the flags are all the same size. Fold the diamonds in half to make triangular flags. Apply glue to the inside of the flag. Take some twine and place it between the flag and press the sides together.
Tie the bunting on at the very end.

Ari working hard on the bunting!

4.    Check on your trees. We noticed that the glue expanded and bubbled up a bit as it was drying. Just carefully press the trees down and make sure they are even. Once you are sure the glue has dried, you are ready to pour the glitter in!

5.    Invert a mason jar and carefully pour in about an inch of glitter (depending on the size of the jar). Make sure you use newspaper or other covering to manage all the glitter!

Ari's mom had some cute mini candy canes we used to decorate the tree. You can use your imagination and get creative with mini ornaments or presents!

6.    Take the tree + lid and put it in the jar. Screw on the lid really tight! Flip it over and voilĂ !  

       Your handmade snow globe!

       We used both white and silver glitter. They both looked really good.

We made 8 snow globes each. Aren't they cute? :)

        To wrap it, just use cellophane wrap and tie with tulle.

Happy crafting!

Photo credits: lavender+pink

Saturday, December 22, 2012

December fun

December is always busy, and filled with fun activities! Yesterday was the last day of work for 2012. I am SO looking forward to the break. I still want to try and be productive though, and get ready for the second semester of the school year. But I'll take a week off. :)

We celebrated a friend's birthday at work by decorating her door and blockading it with balloons. I wish I could have seen her (and her kids) break through. It looked awesome. Great idea, Ari and good job on decorating!

Happy Birthday Joanna!

Lately all I've been wearing are the Dowdy shirts I bought a couple of weeks ago. They are just so comfortable and the designs are so cool! Here is a drink coaster from Ari for my Christmas gift. I love it!

I have that fox print on my shirt too!

At school the kids have been going crazy over poems! From haikus to alliterations, they have been working hard on their poetry folders. I can't wait until they are finished! I want them to show their parents at Open House in March. They love it so much and want to type it any chance they can get. So far we have learned haikus, rhyming peoms, acrostics, alliterations, and limericks. One of my students has already finished typing 9 of her poems! For one of her poems (a haiku) I clocked her at 35 seconds and that's including me editing it! I love how much they are into poems. I loved poems so much as a child. I still do.
I remember one poem in particular when I was in elementary school my teacher read:

The Dream Keeper

Bring me all of your dreams,
You dreamer,
Bring me all your
Heart melodies
That I may wrap them
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the too-rough fingers
Of the world. 
Gingerbread cookie decorating!

Snowman craft. The kids used mini sledge(hammers), dowels, wood glue, and screw drivers. Only with room dads would this happen. :) It was so funny seeing them hammer the dowels in. The kids LOVED it.

Good eats :)

I have to say, the parents this year are so generous. I had a fabulous birthday thanks to my room dads and the parents getting me flowers. For Christmas I got chocolates, gift cards, scents/lotions, and two of my favorites, Anthropologie and cookies! These are famous cookies, bloggers. I used to have her son my first year of teaching and she was a chef. She makes the BEST cookies. Sadly, she said this is the last year she is doing this. :(

On the left: My very cute measuring spoons from anthropologie, and the famous cookies.
I'm guarding those tin of cookies with my life.

There is more December fun to be had and posted about, so check back for the DIY anthro inspired craft my friend and I made. It was so worth it!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Counting down the days...

I need a break. I'm just putting it out there.
A change of pace, a new scenery. I feel so burned out. At the same time though, all these things happening these days make me grateful for what I have and who I have in my life. I know I keep saying that, but I almost want to remind myself that things could be so much worse and it makes me look forward to what is ahead. Things can change in an instant, whether it's good or bad.

So I am counting down the days until my winter break.

On Friday, my class made gingerbread houses with their reading buddies! I have the best reading buddy teacher EVER. Thanks Happy! And it's no surprise she is our school's STAR teacher nominee!

Finished Gingerbread houses! Aren't they cute?!

You need graham crackers and some candy...

Milk cartons...

One of my favorite houses. I love the lawn.

And here they are!

Our cart full of houses!

The kids of course had a blast and I am so glad I wasn't in charge of sending these home (we had early release that day for our grade level). Thanks Daniel!

Can I brag a little?

Happy started this random acts of kindness crew for her class to pay for lunch for kids who can't and asked her kids to donate money.

She also made a huge Grinch outside her door and if you see a kind act, you write it down on a heart and give it to the Grinch, so he will have compassion!

I love it!

What a great idea!

I love working at my school. There are so many great teachers there that inspire me. I hope I can be that kind of teacher someday.

Okay, four more days!


I promised I would post pictures from my "tacky sweater" party, Caitlin's 1st annual Whobilation.
It was very fun seeing all the outfits, especially the boys! My favorite would have to be Mark's sweater which had a sparkly poinsettia on it! :)  

From the top left: The Whobilation's gracious hosts, Mark and Ari, my pumpkin bread, Ryan trying to look scary (while baking a cookie dough, Oreo, and brownie layer concoction, ham mac 'n cheese, and Ari, Joanna, and Kristin!

Please check out Caitlin's post, the original post about the event for more photos! Thank you for hosting!

Oh yeah! That's another thing off my 30 list.

28. Tacky sweater party 12-8-12

Friday, December 14, 2012

Now is not forever

I cannot fathom what the parents, teachers, and children are going through tonight in Connecticut. My deepest sympathy and prayer goes out to them.

Again, this makes me angry and I don't understand why, but I know that what happens now, will not be forever.

My sister's friend's dad also passed away recently and my heart goes out to her.
I remember watching Grey's Anatomy once and I think Christina said how it feels perfectly when George's dad died.
She said there was a club, a dead dads club. And you can't be in it until you're in it.You can try to understand, you can sympathize. But until you feel that loss...

It is hard to feel positive and motivated, but I hope that tomorrow will bring clarity despite this horrible tragedy and sadness. I am so very thankful my students and coworkers and friends are all safe. I don't really express my emotions often, but I want to say how blessed I am to have each person in my life who cares and loves me. Love you all!

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.

-Helen Keller

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Your wish has been granted!

And the winner is...

Cerise Wade @ Craft Cherry!

Congratulations Cerise! Your TOMS will be delivered to you soon!
I feel like it was meant to be.. It started with TOMS and now my first giveaway ends with it. Perfect. :)

Again, thank you to everyone who entered and supported my first giveaway. I am so glad I did it, and there will be more to come. This giveaway also made me realize how blessed I am to be in a position to be able to give.

On another note, I am getting a chance to wear a tacky sweater (voluntarily) to a party tonight. I will post about it  soon!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Andrea Bocelli: Concerto Tour in Dallas

This past week, I got to see Andrea Bocelli at the American Airlines Center. Albeit being sick, I was not going to miss this night. I had bought these tickets almost a year ago while watching a PBS special on his New York open concert in Central Park in 2011. My parents (my mom especially) loves Andrea Bocelli, so I thought it would be a good Christmas present for them (and me).

I had bought tickets in the middle section not realizing it wasn't wheelchair accessible,  so one of the ushers said the box office could switch the tickets out. They ended up giving us floor seats!

I wish they had offered the program with the ticket, but it was $15. Seriously?! After I paid over $400 for all the tickets, I have to pay for the program too? Sigh.

My parents, at intermission, enjoying the show.

Look at all those people!

Katherine Jenkins, from Dancing with the Stars sang with Bocelli.
Toward the end, Andrea accidentally thanked her as Katherine McPhee. Hehe.

A great moment was when he sang "Amazing Grace."

When they all came out to bow, I began to panic because I still hadn't heard the three songs I wanted to hear: The Prayer, which he sang next with Katherine:

Then he sang Time to Say Goodbye with Maria Aleida.

Finally, he sang the aria I was waiting for.. he said, "..the most beautiful aria written in Italy." Nessun Dorma from Turandot. To hear that live from Andrea Bocelli, I will never forget that! It was amazing.

I'm so glad I got a chance to see him sing live. My next "live" show? WICKED of course!