Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring brake

Don't worry. All you grammar nazis (including myself) are itching to correct my error, but it was intentional.

For me this week and a day was a time to slow down, decelerate, and in some cases stop. It's hard for me to separate work and my personal life sometimes because work is my passion. But it also gives me stress. That's why this time off was exactly what I needed.

Am I energized? Yes. Am I already worrying about Open House? Yes. Did I miss my crazy kids? Yes. Am I ready for all the craziness that work brings on a daily basis? I'd be a fool to say yes, because who is really ever ready? But for these last 11 weeks or so, I want to remain positive and do everything I can for my kiddos.

I spent most of this break catching up with friends, crafting, thrifting, and of course eating.

Corned Beef Melt @whiskey cake

Huevos Rancheros @le peep
It is huge! I ate it for brunch, dinner, and then breakfast the next morning .

'Butter beer' frap. Yum.

Healthy salad @sweet tomatoes
(Not pictured: cornbread, blueberry muffin tops, chocolate chip cookies, focaccia bread, and potato soup).

Sweet tomatoes also. Please don't judge me.

Mushroom burger @deli news

My apartment manager was leaving for a job opportunity so I baked some cupcakes for her.
 Good luck Natalie!

Finally! Bulgogi Tacos @la burger

Chicken and waffles @odd fellows

I promise I worked out too. Although not every day like I planned. I need to get back on track.

I also did some thrift shopping. I spent most of my Saturdays as a kid watching Looney Tunes, eating cereal, and going to garage sales with my dad. That or yard work. So naturally I loved when we went to garage sales. My dad is a frugal person so he was an expert at negotiating prices. I remember my first purchase at a yard sale, which was a book for 10 cents! I was so happy.

Not a thrift store; anthropologie. I am loving their theme at the stores right now!

This is currently on my wish list for the summer!

 Here are some interesting finds:

Remember these?

I bought the cut out book letter 'M' on my second visit to the thrift store. I couldn't resist!

I used to play with this all the time.

Although I didn't wear green today, no one has pinched me. Hopefully this picture will make up for it. :)

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  1. Now I'm hungry and all of a sudden want a teal rotary phone. CUTE!!