Friday, February 7, 2014

January happenings

My last post was a bit wordy, so I will make this post all about the pictures!

At school:

 Melting snowmen stories made with their reading buddies! 
Thanks Happy for doing this when I was out sick! They turned out so cute!

                                     I always have this for when I am out. These are my favorite.

Just Dance Kids: Indoor recess exercise

My kids showing off their moves!
We've had to do a lot of Just Dance Kids lately because of the cold.
Thanks for the idea Kristin! Although, I will never play 'What does the fox say' ever again. So creepy!

I love teaching them about Synonym Rolls!
I don't like messing up saying cinnamon and synonym. My kids kept laughing at me.

Fun/stressful times:
I love painting, but it was slightly stressful because I am an A-type and everything must be perfect.
I need to learn to just enjoy things.

This post wouldn't be complete without food pictures! We started enrichment clusters at school and I chose to do ACM Foodies where kids can learn about different careers in food and make nutritious recipes and critic food! Joanna helped find a speaker for me, a culinary student at Le Cordon Bleu! Thanks for coming Allie!

Allie, showing one of my favorite baking tools. 

She let all the kids take turns stirring. 

And finally:


I'm not sure when this obsession with waffles will stop. My body is not appreciating it at all.

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