Friday, August 24, 2012

We thank you very sweetly

Random, I know.  I'm taking a quote from The Wizard of Oz.  As the Munchkins in Munchkin Land would say, "We thank you very sweetly, for doing it so neatly." Hm, I may use that this year when my students write neatly. :)

Last night I went to a free screening of the old classic at  The Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. 
It's a historical theatre that opened in 1931 and has some interesting history, including a Lee Harvey Oswald connection! Anyway I'm on the Yelp Elite Dallas Foodie group, and I was invited to watch, have free popcorn + drinks, and dress up! I was kind of disappointed that not many people dressed up (I counted 6 including my friend and I) but I had fun because I was sooo stressed that day with everything going on at school. I didn't even have time to braid my hair, but it was still fun to dress up!

My friend Sarah as the "Wicked Witch of the West." She even made her own headband with green sequins and tiny witch's hat!
So clever!

My silver shoes as Dorothy.

Me as Dorothy Gale.

Right before Back to School Night, I took some pictures of my classroom finalized. Now I have to spend the weekend getting ready for the first week of school!

Boggle game for Word Work in Daily 5!

My desks are grouped into 6 continents. No one lives in Antarctica. :)

My reading nook.

Book boxes for their Good Fit Books!

My desk won't be this clean again until the last day of school! :)

My white board.

This wall will be for their writing assignments.

My class fish! They look excited for the first day too!

I just loved seeing all my kids from last year and how much they've grown. I teared up several times seeing my "guppies." I saw 10 of my old kids from last year. My super shy student even came up and gave me a hug! I missed them so much!!!
It's so funny because I am just so proud, almost like a mom, when I see them. I know I was just a small part of that growth, but still it makes me proud.

And seeing my new students always makes me anxious because I want to do the same for these group of kids. I want to help them succeed and become better students and better (little) people.

So I was feeling a little discouraged this week for some reason. My teacher friends encouraged me a lot and I know I can do better and be better; I just have to have confidence in myself.