Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stripes and Lace

So everyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE STRIPES. Recently I have also been crazy about lace.
So naturally I had a mini heart palpitation when I saw a top at Anthropologie with stripes and lace!
My two favorite things together! AND on sale! Woohoo!

 I only got the top in the middle.

Last week I got to go to my first Friendship Dinner at Prestonwood and it was so much fun! I met such nice people and the table decorations were amazing!

Of course the school themed tables caught my eye. :)

School is about to start up soon which means my baking, reading, etc will go on the back burner. Hopefully my blog won't suffer :)  August is an interesting month, because I have so much to buy, and yet have so little money! Haha. I saw these cute notebooks at Target, but it was too pricey for me.

It's a very quaint design.

I am hoping to put up teaching stuff I do throughout this year on my blog, which was my goal other than putting up recipes. My room is coming together slowly but surely. For those of you who don't know my room theme is Traveling Around the World, because I love to travel! It's been about 4 years... I was thinking maybe in a few years I could change my theme to food; or Wizard of Oz? I love my theme for now!

I saw this on pinterest! I love how it turned out. VERY functional
My kids absolutely LOVED word work and literally cover my whole white board with words. They would ask me every single day if they could erase what I wrote or if they could actually use my board, so now they can actually have their own space! Yea!


 The wall next to my desk. Do you see my light turquoise lamp? It was originally black, but I spray painted it!

My book boxes with Passport labels.

My curtain cover for my table. It hides the mess. :)
My old ribbon trim was fraying BADLY, so I changed it to this cute striped one.

These days I've been realizing many things. I always thought that if this thing happened, or if I just have this, I'll be happy or everything will be great. But I have to take life as it comes and be grateful in all circumstances. I certainly have a lot to be thankful for. So no matter what may happen, I know I shouldn't be afraid.


  1. love love love your classroom! must come visit you soon! btw ~~ this is my personal blog. B/c of you I am more inspired to start writing in it again! :) kk must be more diligent like you! ahssah!

    1. Yea! I'm glad I inspired you! And yes, come visit anytime!
      I don't know how diligent I will be once school starts, but hopefully I will be!

  2. Nice pictures!
    Lovely striped shirt you bought!:)


    1. Thanks! I felt a little bad, because a girl saw it after me and loved it, but there were no more smalls.