Thursday, August 2, 2012

Goodbye Dallas, Hello London!

Yesterday I took a little trip to London.

Well, sort of.

Recently I went to London and ever since I got back, I have been missing it. Especially with the Olympics going on!
I brought back some "British" goods that are now in my mental pantry:

1. Rowntrees Fruit Gums
2. Rabina Black Currant Concentrated Juice
3. Tea Biscuits
4. Seville Orange Marmalade

So two days ago I had a minor panic attack when I reached the bottom of my Seville Orange Fine Cut Marmalade jar. Then my Rabina came down to an inch. I brought back 6 bags of Fruit Gums, but I was in panic mode. I had to do something.

So I went to The British Emporium located in Tarrant County in Grapevine. It is a bit far for me, and I have a  terrible sense of direction (although it might be improving) but it was fairly easy getting there. Thank you Google maps!

I went in the morning and got there at 9:52. The lot was empty and the 'Open' sign wasn't lit. I was about to go in panic mode again, when I read the sign.

They open at 10. So I happily waited and saw a lady and her son open up. At 10:06 they turned on the Open sign, and I was their first customer.

And I am happy to say that they have everything I was looking for! They even take orders if they don't have your item! The prices are a little high, but I understand the cost of shipping. Price does not matter when it comes to things I love. I can breathe easy knowing I have a little bit of London within my reach.

I was so excited I started taking pictures in the store.  I asked the owner if she minded if I took some pictures for my blog. She was so nice about it; she said I could as long as it's not for commercial use because they've had bad experiences a few times. But she said in her British accent, "But what can you do, with the internet these days?" :)

So here's a photo walk of my mini trip:

Sorry, my windshield was a bit dirty.

And here are my buys. :)

I also went to Hobby Lobby because my lovely student got me a giftcard there. I LOVE Hobby Lobby!

Chevron pattern.

je t'aime!

I bought these for my classroom for trim. I will post pictures soon!

I am just loving the Olympics this summer. My favorites to watch are women's volleyball, diving, and of course men's soccer! The skeet was also pretty interesting as well as handball. But I have to say the days when Alexei Nemov was in men's gymnastics were much more exciting than it is now. Just sayin'.


  1. O.M.G I love Rabina. It might be the best sugary fruity drink in the world!

    1. I know! I love it! But it cost triple the amount I paid in London. :(