Tuesday, August 14, 2012

School, school, and more school

Lately I've had school on the brain. Maybe too much. It's less than two weeks away, so I need to enjoy the few days I have before I get immersed in school life and have a 0% social life! Ha, just kidding. My goal this school year is obviously to be a better teacher and grade every day (third year's a charm right?) but personally, my goal is to not spend so many hours at school overworking myself. I have permission to leave before 7 or 8 and still feel good about the next school day. Let's hope so.

I forgot to post this a few days ago. My co worker's mom works at View Point Bank and they donate school supplies to schools in need. So she chose ours and made us lovely supply bags full of useful things including FOUR hand sanitizers! I always ran out at the end of the year, so I'm super pumped about it!
Thank you Heather's mom and ViewPoint Bank!

Excuse my no-makeup face..

Here are some of my classroom photos. I am nearly done with the room. Now it's on to the more important things like leveling my books, lesson planning, and FILING! Oh, the dreaded filing. But I am determined.

Isn't this cute? I saw someone post a digraph border on pinterest and I absolutely loved this idea! I am going to put my spelling words inside the border and whenever we focus on a digraph, I can just draw an arrow, or take it out of the box and put it in the center! There wasn't any free digraph cards online that I could find, so I painstakingly scoured the web for free clip art and made my own. It took a long  time, but it was definitely worth it. All I did was use card stock and printed the cards, laminated them, and hot glued circular magnets on the back. If you are a teacher and would like to use this also, feel free to email me and I would be happy to send you the digraph cards! Beg, borrow, steal!

I had this from last year. These are the 6 traits of writing on hot air balloons, of course. It's hard to see from the photo, but they are hanging from the balloons.

My puppet theatre

Calendar wall

Math stations and manipulatives/supplies

Daily 5 area.

I use the puzzle pieces to write the rules of each station so if they "forget" the rules, they can look!

My math station poster. I will put their names on the balloons and they will choose a continent for a different math station!

Here's a random cartoon I found in my files..

I hope you enjoyed my classroom photos! I hope this is a great year.. 
Oh, and Bonita Broccoli could use a friend.. I really want the carrot.


  1. I LOVE your daily 5 puzzle! I can't wait to steal the idea!

    1. Haha Thanks Ari! I love the fabric you chose for your classroom too!

  2. Everything about your classroom looks "cute".

    I hope you have a great school year Florence(I think you will)... The elements of your classroom are making me want to be an elementary student again! :)

  3. Thanks Angelo! Haha you can come by and reminisce your school days.