Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fun Filled Weekend

There is nothing better than getting to spend time with your family and friends in perfect (for Texas at least) weather on the weekend!

My dad's birthday was on Thursday, but we are celebrating next Saturday. He had cataract surgery yesterday which was successful, Thank God! I worry about him so much lately, but I know I have to let God handle everything that is obviously out of my control. I am grateful for another birthday and can't wait to celebrate next week. Love you dad!

Anyway, I met up with my sister and friend for some sushi and dessert today.

Kristine and my sister Caroline. (Do you see the logo?)

The Popcorn Lobster Roll. Yum.

Salmon Sashimi

Round 2 - Ice cream

My sister and I decided to go shopping after ice cream. I had fun trying on different things at anthropologie and found two things: a utility jacket and a black pattern romper. I love them both!

I realize this is my 2nd utility jacket, BUT the other one has a hood. And it's longer. And... okay, I have no excuse. I found the romper in the sale section. The belt loop was torn (which can easily be fixed) so the girl gave me 10 dollars off! I love it. I may wear this to the concert that's coming up in August!

Finally, I am ending this post with a special diy. There's an antique mall that sells TOMS at a cheaper price (I wrote about it here) Anyway, it's perfect for me to buy to design custom TOMS. I've already made Henna ones and wanted to make another one.

And it came to me. If you read my last post, I think you can guess what they are.

Here are my custom made TMI Toms!

Apparently the first TMI toms ever, I googled. :)

Aren't they lovely? Surprisingly, these were harder to design than the Henna TOMS because mistakes can easily be seen on these designs; proportions, size, etc. while the Henna TOMS designs could easily be camouflaged. It took patience, a steady eye/hand, and lots of white ink. I added runes to the top and front, and added angel wings on either side of the shoes. I also put a quote from the book on the inside part of the shoe:

My friend said I should design and sell TOMS.

All you need are TOMS, white fabric marker, and runes designs to look at like this:

 I still have to trace over the runes because coloring on dark TOMS are a lot harder than coloring on light TOMS. Also, I didn't quite find a white fabric marker. I thought the white paint Sharpie marker would work, but it was translucent when I tried it on the black surface, so don't waste your money on it.
I did have a white gel pen at home, and it seems to be good (although I wouldn't wash the shoes). So until I find a white fabric marker, this will have to do.
Anyway, I am happy with how it turned out. I can't wait to wear these to the premier of the movie!
You guys, I can't stop. :)


  1. That lobster roll looks amazing!!
    You are so artistic. Those TOMS are fantastic.

  2. What a great weekend! I'm a little jealous! And so happy to hear about your dad!