Thursday, April 25, 2013

Henna TOMS

I love TOMS.

As a teacher they are wonderful because:

a) they are comfortable
b) they can match almost any outfit
c) the kids think you're hip :)

Plus, it's for a good cause.

I also love henna. Getting henna is on my 30 things at 30 list. I missed my chance at getting henna at the Dallas Art Festival last month, and was pretty disappointed. So I decided to put some henna on my new TOMS instead.

I bought natural canvas TOMS and bought some fabric markers, water color pencils, and scrap paper at Michael's for inspiration. There are a TON of custom made TOMS on Pinterest you can get ideas from. I also googled images of henna online as well. This is my favorite, which I'm sure you've seen:

So cute! I also saw awesome Wicked TOMS, Harry Potter TOMS, and even Hunger Games TOMS!
So instead of shelling out $100+ dollars on etsy, here's how you can make your own custom TOMS.


-canvas aka TOMS
-fabric markers (I recommend Tulip fabric markers)
-water color pencils
-scrapbook paper or any other images for inspiration
-scratch paper to doodle on

-other embellishments (glitter, gems, etc)

1. Get a light colored water color pencil and draw a design you want on your TOMS. You can practice on a scratch sheet of paper before you do it. I am no artist, but I used a scrap paper design I liked and basically just eyeballed it.

2. When you like the look of it, use the fabric marker. Choose one color overall or a combination. I chose dark pink/coral for the summer and used the same color on the side with green and purple.

3. Less is more! I love the Pinterest TOMS, but I wanted to leave some "white space" on my TOMS. Maybe my next one will be covered. :)

4. And here it is...

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