Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Tea Party

Instead of being sensible and taking a nap, I am blogging because, well, I haven't blogged in a while.
And let's face it. Once I lay down, I am not going to wake up until 9:30.

So a few months back I thought about having a tea party. I've always wanted to throw one and I had these unused teacups at home collecting dust. I wrote some of my ideas and my menu on a napkin (like all great planners do) and left it at that. With everything that has happened this year with work and my dad being sick, I was not super motivated.

Well, a few weeks later I found out my co worker and friend was leaving Texas for Missouri. :(
Now my tea party had purpose. I was motivated! A tea party was the perfect send off for her.

Tea party invites 


-Canapes with Garlic Herb Cream Cheese and Avocado

Finger Sandwiches
-Cucumber Sandwiches with Whipped Cream Cheese
-Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Crème Fraîche
-Chicken Salad Croissant

-Lemon Pistachio Tart
-Blueberry Scones

-Strawberry Rose Champagne & Peach Tea

-Pineapple & Orange Punch with Raspberries

Place of Honor

I had fun making the bunting and flowers.

The food.

I'm glad I bought these cute dessert plates from anthro!

I made madeleines for the first time and overcooked them. I must attempt them again.

Love this pic!

 I am in love with this tea from Teavana.

The guest of honor, Ari.

Ari drank the most tea! Haha, a true Brit.

I love candids!

 Taking another photo after Alyshia's beauty tip. :)

We surprised Ari with teacups and a tea book from anthro! Thanks to Caitlin for the idea!

Ari, trying to guess who got her what teacup.

 I so want to get that tea party book!

Relaxing (most likely in food comas) in my tiny apt.

Host gift from Ari. Thanks friend!

It was my first time hosting a tea party and I think it was a success! Even though it was hard work, it was worth seeing Ari's surprise and everyone enjoying the food. 

Thank you to all who helped and came! 

To my friend:

So I am not great with words, spoken words at least. I do better on paper so I am "writing" my piece about you.

Ari, I have been blessed to have known you for 5 years. You are one of the funniest, craziest people I know. When Ari walks in the room, you know it. I'm really glad we've gotten closer this year and really sad you're leaving. But I know there are such great things ahead for you and Mark.

Remember the Susan G. Komen? And when you made me get up in the middle of the night to go to the porta potties? :)  And when you had a panic attack and I had to pray for you? Always know that wherever you are, I will be praying for you and thinking of you. You won't be forgotten!

You have helped me so much this year when I was down or discouraged. Your words of encouragement meant more than you will ever know. Coming from a great teacher like you, it made me feel more confident as a teacher. 

It definitely will not be the same without you at work. 
Let's make these last few weeks count! 


  1. It looks like such a wonderful party. I had that book on my list to buy her for her birthday! :o)
    Thanks for being such an awesome friend to my little sister, even if she is a punk for moving so far away. It makes me happy to know she has friends like you.

  2. How cute!! I love all the decor for the tea party esp the name plates! You're so creative, flo!

    1. Thanks Junghee! In the summer we can have tea party get togethers :)

  3. what a sweet party! I'm sad to have missed it but I'm sure it was a lovely afternoon!

    1. We missed having you there! I should have more tea parties in the future..

  4. I was so incredibly surprised. Thank you for being the loveliest host and a truly wonderful friend. xoxo