Sunday, December 23, 2012

Anthropologie inspired snow globe

Handmade snow globes

If you are a fan of Anthropologie (and by fan I mean obsessive follower, can'tpassthestorewithoutgoingin, and sale item stalker) you may recognize this DIY. Their version of the snow globe can cost you anywhere between $18 to $40; not cheap. So when my friend Ari and I saw these, we thought, 'We could make those!'  And we did, for about $5 a pop! It was surprisingly easy to make and so much fun too! 

DIY snow globes

- mason jars
- mini trees
- fake snow (we used silver and white iridescent glitter, which was cheaper)
- gorilla glue (or any permanent glue)
- ribbons
- tulle
- clear basket wrap

*scrapbook paper + gluestick + baker's twine
*Christmas decor + hot glue gun

Freshly baked, warm chocolate chip cookies and Christmas music are also optional. :) Thanks Ari's mom!

                                                      Getting our shopping on at Michael's :)


1.    Open all your mason jars and set them aside. Lay out all your other materials.  We found some pretty and decorative jars at Michael's. Try to get ones without any pictures or writing on them. 

2.    Take the gorilla glue and put some on the bottom of the tree. Carefully stick the tree on the inside bottom of the mason jar lid. You will need to let it dry for at least 30 minutes. Glue all your trees on the lids and set aside.

3.    Meanwhile, you can make your mini bunting! This step is optional, but it just added something to the snow globes and seriously, who doesn't love bunting?  I am horrible at free form cutting, so I made a diamond template with some cardboard (use the cardboard from the tree packaging) and just cut the pieces out with scrap paper from the Paper Studio (the Classics pack). That way you know the flags are all the same size. Fold the diamonds in half to make triangular flags. Apply glue to the inside of the flag. Take some twine and place it between the flag and press the sides together.
Tie the bunting on at the very end.

Ari working hard on the bunting!

4.    Check on your trees. We noticed that the glue expanded and bubbled up a bit as it was drying. Just carefully press the trees down and make sure they are even. Once you are sure the glue has dried, you are ready to pour the glitter in!

5.    Invert a mason jar and carefully pour in about an inch of glitter (depending on the size of the jar). Make sure you use newspaper or other covering to manage all the glitter!

Ari's mom had some cute mini candy canes we used to decorate the tree. You can use your imagination and get creative with mini ornaments or presents!

6.    Take the tree + lid and put it in the jar. Screw on the lid really tight! Flip it over and voilĂ !  

       Your handmade snow globe!

       We used both white and silver glitter. They both looked really good.

We made 8 snow globes each. Aren't they cute? :)

        To wrap it, just use cellophane wrap and tie with tulle.

Happy crafting!

Photo credits: lavender+pink


  1. I had so much fun crafting with you! Love ya!

  2. They really look amazing! Thanks for the tutorial...I think I may have to do this next year.