Sunday, December 2, 2012

Andrea Bocelli: Concerto Tour in Dallas

This past week, I got to see Andrea Bocelli at the American Airlines Center. Albeit being sick, I was not going to miss this night. I had bought these tickets almost a year ago while watching a PBS special on his New York open concert in Central Park in 2011. My parents (my mom especially) loves Andrea Bocelli, so I thought it would be a good Christmas present for them (and me).

I had bought tickets in the middle section not realizing it wasn't wheelchair accessible,  so one of the ushers said the box office could switch the tickets out. They ended up giving us floor seats!

I wish they had offered the program with the ticket, but it was $15. Seriously?! After I paid over $400 for all the tickets, I have to pay for the program too? Sigh.

My parents, at intermission, enjoying the show.

Look at all those people!

Katherine Jenkins, from Dancing with the Stars sang with Bocelli.
Toward the end, Andrea accidentally thanked her as Katherine McPhee. Hehe.

A great moment was when he sang "Amazing Grace."

When they all came out to bow, I began to panic because I still hadn't heard the three songs I wanted to hear: The Prayer, which he sang next with Katherine:

Then he sang Time to Say Goodbye with Maria Aleida.

Finally, he sang the aria I was waiting for.. he said, "..the most beautiful aria written in Italy." Nessun Dorma from Turandot. To hear that live from Andrea Bocelli, I will never forget that! It was amazing.

I'm so glad I got a chance to see him sing live. My next "live" show? WICKED of course!

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