Saturday, October 13, 2012

30 things at 30

Upon turning 30, my friends and I decided I need to make a 30 year old bucket list. I've always had a life's to do list, but never really tried to do them proactively.

But after living for 3 decades now, I realize I don't have time to waste. So I am challenging myself to try 30 new things in my 30th year of life. Fun! And a little scary. My list is tentative and not really in order, so I will post them as I achieve each one.

30th on my list is something that comes at an opportune time that I have never done before: pumpkin carving.

Reactions from people around me were the same; Whaaaaat? Seriously?

I hope people don't think I missed out somehow or lived a boring life. I would not trade my life with anyone; I went through struggles and hardships, and experienced things I wouldn't want anyone else to go through. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't go through all those things. I am definitely stronger because of them. It humbled me and gave me empathy for people in similar situations. I know what's important in life, and I thank God that I have a loving family and friends around me that support me.

Okay, on to my pumpkin carving!

30. Pumpkin carving 10-13-12

Kristin and her friend Lacey helped me with my first pumpkin carving experience and it was really fun! The perfectionist in me came out at times, but they reigned it in and kept reassuring me when I messed up. A chunk of the 'W' came off, but I used the pumkin carving blade I broke and used it like a toothpick to attach it. Here is the result:

Wicked 30! :)

Kristin looking dangerous!                 

Step 1: Pick the pumpkin.

 I chose the "mama bear" sized pumpkin in the middle.

Step 2: Cut off the top...

I look a little scary there..

...and pull it out.

Step 3: Take out the "guts" and carve it smooth.

It was a slimy process. Not my favorite part.

Yea! All cleaned out!

Step 4: Pick a design and tape it on the pumpkin.

I was trying to decide between the cat/pumpkin (top left) and a witch pattern, but when I saw the 'Wicked' one I knew I had to do that one. Mostly because of my love for the musical, Wicked! Unfortunately I did not realize the difficulty level was high AND letters are tedious. But it was worth it.

The girls, hard at work!

Step 5: Poke, peel, and start carving.

I added 30 to my design.

The letters were difficult to carve and I was the last person to finish, but I did it!

Yep, we're professional carvers. Haha.

I'm really glad I finally carved a pumpkin. Now I have 29 more to go! :)


  1. Your pumpkin came out great!

    New follower from the Texans who blog FB group. Looking forward to meeting you at the Ornament exchange!


    1. Thanks Crystal! I can't wait for the Ornament exchange! See you there. :)