Saturday, July 21, 2012


Yesterday I went to my very first doggie birthday for my sister's dog A.J.(Air Jordan). I had a great time AND won the raffle prize! And I never win anything! So needless to say, I was pretty happy.

My golden ticket won me a movie themed raffle basket! Woohoo!

I made a little party hat for him because the ones at the shop were so expensive! I used things I already had at home so I didn't spend extra money and it was super easy to make.
Cost of a store bought hat: $8-10. Cost of my custom made hat: $Priceless :)

Here's how I made the hat:

Dog Party Hat


Martha Stewart circle cutter
Martha Stewart cutting board
Modge Podge (love this stuff!)
thin cardboard
decorative paper
confetti assortment
super glue
sponge brush
stickers or letter cutouts*


1. Get a thin piece of cardboard (I used the back cover of my scrapbook pack). Set the cutter to about 8 inches or any size you need. Place the cardboard on the cutting board and cut a semicircle (instead of a full circle). Roll the cardboard into a cone shaped hat. You can either staple the hat in place or tape it.

2. Cut your decorative paper the same way. Using the sponge applicator, spread modge podge around the surface of the cardboard hat. Carefully line up the paper to the hat and cover the cardboard. Make sure to smooth out any bumps or bubbles before the glue dries!

3. That's it for the main part of the hat! Now you can decorate it how you want.

I used glitter to decorate the hat and customized it with his name using cutout letters. I had some sequins and stickers to decorate also. I didn't have pom poms, so I improvised by using those party favor blowers. I just took off the plastic part and used a toothpick to stick the ribbons in. I curled the ends with scissors.
For the hat's elastic band, I didn't have the thin one, so I just cut one of my hair bands and super glued it to the inside. :) *If you want it to look cleaner, you can cut a white or any color semicircle piece of thin paper and line the inside of the hat to cover your work. I didn't think of that until now..It's not bad for my first hat. I can't wait to make another one!

You can paint letters, use ribbons around it, hole punch and hang beads; the possibilities are endless!  Use your creativity!
I enlisted the help of Dwight because I didn't have a dog to put it on when I finished. Don't worry.
I told him he could be acting manager again. :)

So I tried a fish tail braid on my hair which is hard to do on yourself, but I think it turned out okay.
What do you think?

I bought these earrings from Forever 21. I love them!

After AJ's party I went to Walmart to pick up my Harry Potter book set I ordered online. I was so excited I brushed off the sales clerk's offer to bring me a cart. No, I can carry a huge cardboard box of SEVEN Harry Potter books to my car! Well, I regretted my decision after taking about 10 steps. And I'm sure I looked funny carrying it through the store with a huge grin on my face. But it was SO worth it.

Too bad the teasure chest isn't wood.

Whew, that was a lot of pictures.

I want to send my prayers to all those in Colorado and their families who eperienced the tragedy in the past two days. Although I cannot understand the why of it, I can only pray that we become stronger, wiser, and kinder inspite of this terror.

Philippians 4:7


  1. love your harry potter set! I think I need to get me one of those. I have only book 6 and 7 ... and #6 my sister stole from me! :(

    1. You should definitely get it!!! It's worth it.. I also bought the Series of Unfortunate Events on amazon.. I need to stop buying books now.

      Oh no! At least she didn't take The Deathly Hallows..that would be crossing the line.