Saturday, September 21, 2013

TMI midnight showing

So I spent most of the last part of my summer reading TMI. I was obsessed. I read those books back to back. I didn't sleep. I sometimes forgot to eat (which is surprising for me). And when I heard they were making the CoB movie, I fell in with the fandom and did fan girl things like looking up the actors, watching endless videos, interviews, clips, and reading articles on movie news, entering sweepstakes, pinning countless photos, collecting memorabilia, crafting, and on and on and on. The movie got SO much hype, and I was counting down the days until the midnight showing.

I was so excited, I took a picture of the poster!


 Diy Toms!

Took a screen shot when it was time!

Well, I was disappointed. I hate to say that because it was a fun experience but the movie just did not do justice to the book which really stinks because it is such a great series. The movie was just too cheesy and trivial.

There were some good things: Robbie who plays Simon was great; he literally is Simon. Lily Collins IS Clary. Looks-wise Jamie CB IS Jace (he was a bit awkward in some parts, and for me, too serious at times). I'm not so sure about Isabelle though. Jemima is a great actress and I love her, but I don't know if she fits that role. Isabelle should be more lighthearted and vulnerable. She was too grave in the first film.

The bad: The CGI was terrible. The Midnight Flower scene which should have been epic, was so cheesy! I heard the director didn't want to rely on CGI too heavily and had them physically do the fight scenes. Why couldn't they do that for the flowers?! Like a time lapse video or something? And there was just too much changed from the book. I understand if little details must be changed, but don't put totally new and random scenes in there! Ugh. And Valentine with dreads?! He's supposed to have WHITE HAIR. At least give him normal brown or black hair. He is not Jamaican, people.

The funny: We met some cool 16 year old girls while we were sitting in line (and talked about the film, book, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, etc.). I felt SO old, but it was fun. They were like, "Omgosh! You guys are the coolest teachers!" Haha

I hope this doesn't sound like a rant post. I so badly wanted this movie to be good and I still support all the actors, director, etc. and of course the book series. It just didn't live up to my expectations.

Anyway, all that being said, I really hope the second film gets better. I'm not sure what happened to CoB. Something just wasn't right. It wasn't authentic enough. I didn't like the script. I really think that makes or breaks a movie. Someone please take over. And give Cassandra Clare more power over that. Because if they decide to go in the same direction, I'm afraid this movie series is going to tank.

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