Saturday, September 21, 2013

Aggie for a day

Okay, I promise this is my last post today. I need to stop procrastinating with my blog.
I wanted to write about my Aggieland experience. It has been too long since my last 30 things at 30 checklist, and unfortunately, I need to change my list to 30 things at 30 something.
So here is my twenty-sixth thing:

26. Go to a college football game 9-7-13

Caitlin invited me to go to an Aggie game with her since Ryan couldn't go. Plus she knew from my list that I have never been to a college football game (let alone a NFL game). I was actually pretty excited and a bit apprehensive. Excited because sports are much more fun and exciting if you go see it and apprehensive because I didn't know what to expect and so many people around me were just looking at me like, "Oh, just wait and see."

Anyway, we started our mini road trip to College Station that Saturday morning.

The weather was great! (in the morning...)

On our way, we went through Waco and Caitlin stopped so I could see the real (!) bears at Baylor! Who knew! Apparently everyone except me! Even my student knew there were bears there.

I wish I had gone here...

Then we were on the road again to College Station! Caitlin pointed out a famous barn that decorates on every game day:

And then it started:

Flags everywhere.

Customized SEC car.

And customized TOMs

I had to be use my paparazzi skills to take this pic because Caitlin loved it so much. We stopped by a tent sale of shirts and another shop and I bought 2 shirts and 1 long sleeve shirt. I go one day and I'm already into Aggie gear.

 Before the game, we went to eat at Potato Shack! I finally got to try it! My mouth is watering just thinking of it...

 Potato, cheese, buffalo chicken, and ranch? How can you say no to that?

We also stopped by a cute shop before heading to the campus:

 Love these stairs..

And walked on the famous bottle caps...

Finally we arrived.

As we walked around the campus and in the student memorial building, I began to see why people gave me those knowing looks. It is a different world. Almost everyone I saw was wearing an Aggie shirt. It was a sea of maroon. I knew I was still in Texas, but it didn't feel like Texas. 

The Century Tree

We waited inside before the game and met a nice older couple. And I mention the 'older' part because they kept mentioning a nice Chinese and sometimes Vietnamese boy named Kenny that was in the Color Guard.
And apparently I must be Filipino because of my yellow hair (or maybe it was yellow skin?). Well, I was not offended but wow, I have not been called Oriental since I was like 7. Caitlin kept apologizing on their behalf which was hilarious.

Before the game

The stadium is pretty freakin' awesome. 

Front row!!! How cool is that? :)

BTHO Sam Houston State!

And then my phone died. It's like Harry Potter all over again. Luckily Caitlin had her camera to take pictures during the game. Check it out here: Life and Love in Wonderland.


This was definitely an interesting experience. I never had a true college experience because I went to UTD. I didn't have school pride or school spirit, never joined any clubs or integrated into the student body. I just commuted to school and used the library to study. Sometimes.

Being at A&M and even seeing the Baylor campus has a different feel. I got to experience what it would have been like to go to a college game, cheer for my team, and have that sense of comradery. It sounds a bit silly, but I felt like that at the game. I definitely want my future kid to have that true college experience.

My favorite part of the day was yelling the cheers (even though I had no idea what I was doing), seeing the yell leaders, seeing the band perform, and actually getting excited when they were playing well. If you know anything about me, I do not get excited for football.
The rain was unexpected but it was actually preferable to the heat. I'd rather get rained on than sweat. I joked that I was the only Asian there and we kept trying to find Kenny. I think we found him. 3 times.

Anyway, I'm so glad I got to experience what it's like to be an Aggie. Thank you Caitlin for taking me and to Ryan for those awesome seats. I still don't care for football, but at least now I don't hate it. And if I have to root for a team, it would have to be the Fighting Farmers! :)

It's a little chilly today. I think I'll wear my Aggie shirt.


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