Friday, November 23, 2012

30 Days of Thanks

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  I always love this time of year because I get to cook for the people I love the most! But I do get stressed at the same time because I want everything to turn out great. And it did, thank goodness.

Usually I make the whole Thanksgiving lunch, but this year my sister wanted to make some dishes (stuffing, green bean casserole, corn casserole, and turkey), so I definitely was relieved! I made: ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, brussels sprouts with bacon and walnuts, cornbread, mac 'n cheese, and of course, cranberry sauce.

Ignore the Simpsons table cloth my mom put down. :) Oh, mom.

The pumpkin cheesecake is from Costco, and it is DELICIOUS. I couldn't have made it better, and I am very tempted to go back to get the pecan pie. Maybe next week...

At school the kids also had a fun filled Thanksgiving day before the break. With our reading buddies, we made turkeys out of brown paper sacks filled with rice to make a leftover turkey casserole (which is very good by the way). Thanks to my reading buddy teacher, Happy!

The kids had so much fun and worked really hard on their turkeys! They wrote what they are thankful for on their pumpkins.

Here is the recipe for the casserole.

And here is the final product!
**I feel like this is a 'Where's Waldo' picture :) **

 Speaking of school crafts, my kiddos learned synonyms this past month, and they made their synonym rolls!
They had a great time making them, and also eating their piece of real cinnamon rolls (by the end of the lesson, they kept calling them yummy synonym rolls!). Thanks to Caitlin for the idea!

So I know many people avoided going Black Friday shopping today, and I was definitely one of them. I feel too old and have no energy to push my way through the crowds no matter how cheap the item.
That being said, I am starting to think about Christmas shopping, and what to get everyone. What do you want for Christmas? As for me, anything from Anthropologie is definitely on my list. I love everything about this store. Their clothes are amazing and I always love their dishes, accessories, and candles. However, their knick knacks are something I never really paid attention to (how could I with all the other distractions?) But recently, I saw some cute things at the store:

From the top left clockwise: camera tape dispenser (Ari), notebooks, paper goods, colored pencils + cool paperclips, asian fan made of a map!

On Wednesday my friend and I went to Northpark and went to Paper-source, which was actually my first time going into the store. I know, I know, but all the greeting card stores look the same! But I really liked it and it had cute little things in there. I don't know if it beats papyrus, but I do want to go back and get some things for Christmas. I saw these thank you cards that I just HAD to get:

I taught my kids how to say 'thank you' in some different languages, so now they say it whenever I give hand sanitizer. Their favorites are: gracias, merci, and gomapsumnida (Korean)  :)

On November 1st, I started the 30 Days of Thanks, finding something to be thankful for each day in November. It taught me to really be thankful for everything I have and be thankful in all circumstances. I know the month isn't over, but I wanted to post what I've been thankful for so far (I posted these each day on Facebook):

Day 1: I am so thankful for my parents. Their love and support for me are immeasurable and I know I'm blessed because of them. Love you both.
Day 2: I am thankful for my sister.. Through thick and thin we will always be sisters. Happy birthday unni!
Day 3: I am thankful for EPL and football (soccer).
Day 4: I am thankful for God's grace and love.. That I know where I came from and where I am going.
Day 5: I am thankful for my job. There are so many without jobs and I get to do something I love and am proud of. That being said, 11 more school days until the break! :)
Day 6: I am thankful for my lovely students... Who drive me nuts sometimes, but I still love 'em. ;)
Day 7: I am thankful for couch potato moments. :)
Day 8: Despite a difficult day, I am so very thankful it is Friday tomorrow.
Day 9: I am thankful for migraine-free days.
Day 10: I am thankful for Trader Joe's in my neighborhood :)
Day 11: I am thankful for my apt. My new home :) But knowing that my old home is still waiting in case I need it.
Day 12: I am thankful for amazing co-workers/friends.
Day 13: Very thankful for my heater tonight.
Day 14: Very very very thankful for Korean food! Yum.
Day 15: I am thankful for midnight showings at 10 p.m.
Day 16: On the way home I saw an accident happen, and saw a three car collision near my intersection. So thankful to be safe and sound.
Day 17: I am thankful for days like this where everything was great; time with friends and family, great food, and fun memories.
Day 18: I'm thankful for occasions to cook! Although grocery shopping is quite a feat (and this list is after my sis said she would make 4 dishes). Get ready, wallet.
Day 19: I am thankful for Anthropologie. Period.
Day 20: I'm thankful I'm 90% done with my Thanksgiving grocery shopping.
Day 21: So thankful for days off!
Thanksgiving day: So thankful for another Thanksgiving with my family. I am blessed.

I am so glad I did this. I am going to continue to post on Facebook for the month, and hopefully I continue to find thankful moments each day.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is on my mind! I can't wait!!!


  1. Hey, you got the cheesecake :D Did you end up getting a membership?

    1. Yep, I did :) I feel like I'll be going a lot now.