Saturday, September 15, 2012

the Dallas flea

Mentally, I was really excited about going to the Dallas flea market event; waking up at 7:30 on a Saturday however was not my body's idea of a good time.  I really miss being young. At 22, I could stay up until 3:30 without getting tired the next morning, but now I need at least 9 hours of sleep. I don't miss the drama, just the energy.

Anyway, it was so worth going! I've been to flea markets on a larger scale in Canton (Canton has more food items and animals) and the etsy spring bash, which was amazing! I'm glad I grew up going to garage sales with my parents; I love seeing unexpected things (like 10 cent books) especially if it has a good price.

We rode the Dart and it was pretty easy to get there. I'm glad we went early because when we left, a larger crowd was coming in. I took pictures with my phone until it died; I took over 100 photos, so it did pretty well. At least it died at the end, unlike in the middle of my Harry Potter Studio Tour. I'm still mad about that.

Looking pretty at 10 a.m. Ari, Joanna, and Caitlin

Toms x3.  I should have worn my Toms! :)

Waiting for our ride. I wish Dallas was more bustling on the weekends..

Joanna, the model. :) I love stripes!

Here we go!

The furniture was so cute! I LOVE the gray chair, but sadly, I don't have $600 to spare. I got a picture of it for free though. :)

The jewelry there was so pretty! And I am not really a jewelry person. I like the 2nd earrings to the left.

The quirky, familiar, and chevron (my new favorite version of stripes).

I love old stuff!

I love candid photos :)

Patty melt @ Ruthie's

Caitlin looks like a professional photographer. :)

The fox shirt is from  Dowdy . Their shirts were so cute!

The letters above are carved from actual books. I was sad that they didn't have k's. The girl said almost everyone was looking for a k. :(

I only bought one thing today, but I absolutely love it! It's a bracelet by gemelli and it has one of my favorite colors: turquoise. I may have to buy some more of these bracelets.
I came back home around 3:00 because I got a little lost and ended up driving for 40 minutes! Then, instead of taking a nap, I decided to blog. :)
I went to the Saturday service at Prestonwood and I liked it, but I was so tired I couldn't really absorb anything. But I loved the praise; the Getty's were there (Irish composers/singers) and they were amazing. As they were speaking, I kept thinking 'Man, I really wish I had an accent.' And Texan doesn't count.

Well, I feel like I have just enough energy to brush my teeth and fall into bed. Goodnight, bloggers.


  1. I love it! So many pictures! I'm stealing some :) I can't believe you got lost though! :(

    1. Thanks Caitlin! I know, I must have been really tired.. I drove to Addison.

  2. Fabulous collection of photos from Saturday! Really enjoyed this post!