Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Break Blog

Why do I only blog on breaks? I looked back at my previous posts and realized that I blogged during the summer and spring break 2014.

How can spring break feel so long and short at the same time?
It seems like forever since I've been in my classroom but the thought of going back to school tomorrow seems highly irregular and I'm displaying signs of avoidance, including trying not to look in the general direction of my huge crate of "school stuff" I brought home to work on. How cute of me.

Still, I know that starting tomorrow, I am in it for the long haul; Open House on Thursday, and then getting all my kiddos ready (as much as possible) for 3rd grade. It's a huge task, and every year I worry and wonder if I did everything I could. And every year, I start over again, hoping to be better.

Even though the break went so quickly, I am always grateful for a chance to recharge.

LOVE Columbian food! @Casa Vieja

Hands down BEST pie shop in the area

My free piece! Drunken Nut

Blueberry & Nectarine Pie
I used my last batch of blueberries I picked last summer. I took two recipes and tweaked them to make my pie. Recipe coming soon!

 Okay, so I am slightly obsessed with this movie. I got a chance to see an advance screening of it. I guess it was the first screening being shown because they were taking up phones. My other screenings didn't do that. And then we were wanded. In spite of all that, we (Mere) spotted the binocular guy in the theater to detect any light from cameras! Anyway, the acting was phenomenal, costumes, scenery, and casting were on point (although I kept picturing Bellatrix Lestrange when I looked at the fairy godmother). I love Lily James and Richard Madden; their onscreen chemistry was palpable! My friend was making fun of me because she was telling me something about the actors, and I said, "Yea I know that." And she said, "Of course you already know." She knew I had already researched everything I could about them. It's funny how they're both dating Dr. Who actors. I must start watching that along with Downton Abbey and Sherlock.

I'm also super excited about the live action Beauty and the Beast coming out in 2015!!! This is my favorite Disney movie, so they better do it right! Having Emma Watson, Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey!), Luke Evans (Hobbit), and Josh Gad (Olaf) as cast members is definitely a great sign of good things to come.

What else did I do on my break? I did boring stuff like clean my apartment and purge some clothes to donate. I also did fun things like paint, bake, visit friends, and read the dusty stack of books on the floor.

My goal this week is to not stress myself out over getting ready for Open House and enjoying the little things.
One of my favorite quotes from Anne of Green Gables is: Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.
So no matter what happens today, tomorrow always holds a fresh start; a clean slate. Here's hoping that you have a fresh tomorrow!

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