Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What I would say

Sometimes I'm afraid
for words to spill out
but like a tree that falls away
from listening ears,
do words unspoken
have no power?

It piles
and climbs
and jumbles up
in wicked order
rendering all speech useless
lips albeit parted

What would I say
if spoken words could not harm
Held no fear of regret?
Or is that the deadly beauty of the word
which can both cut and heal
upon its delivery

If I don't speak
who will remember my thoughts
but me
But my weighted words
will live on
in some other's memory

What would I say
if I had a chance
to convey these words
How could I say them
to make you understand
and believe

Or is what I do
better than any word
I speak?
Perhaps that's the only way.
Maybe words aren't quite enough
for what I want to say.