Saturday, March 9, 2013

Long overdue post

I know it's been a while since my last post (almost a month!). There has been so much going on at work, so it's been a little crazy. I feel like I've been running a mile a minute (or 3.10 miles in 38 minutes).

I'm just really glad for this Spring Break! Will I think about school? Perhaps. Or perhaps I'll bake, craft, shop, read, vegetate, eat, and take long unnecessary naps.

This post is a modge podge of events, so excuse the chaos.

Valentine's Day

I decided to make these treat bags after I got inspired by a craft by we love citrus. I am in LOVE with glassine bags now! I need to order some things when I get my tax return. I want those stork scissors!
♥ citrus!

At school, my students made these ADORABLE mustache and lip lollipops with their reading buddies:

They also made tissue paper flowers:

Our last class party of the year was successful. They decorated cookies and made goop and homemade lava lamps. The kids had SO much fun; I've never seen them so happy!

Birthday dinner

We celebrated Love unni's birthday at Cafe Instanbul at the Shops at Legacy. It was interesting to say the least. The food was just ok, and the belly dancer was strange. :) The pita bread and company were good though!

Engagement at school

The most exciting thing that's happened this past month was Kristin getting engaged! Her fiance Wrenn asked me to help and I was so determined to make it the best day possible, especially with everything going on at school (that's an entirely different subject that deserves its own post). Anyway, it was so hard keeping it a secret especially when we were on the topic. Now, if you know me, I am a HORRIBLE liar. So I kept asking questions to avoid detection. Like, 'Oh, you looked at rings?' and 'You think it will be later on down the road?' Haha

The plan was to surprise Kristin in the library by having the students hand her a rose one by one and have Wrenn surprise her at the end. I (and a few other teachers) were a jittery mess up until that moment. I think I scared one of my students as I told her to quickly come with me to the library without any explanation while the rest of my class went into my coworker's room.

But everything turned out great and it was adorable and like my coworker said, perfectly imperfect.
The imperfect part was me photo bombing at the exact moment of the proposal. Why me?!

I managed not to bawl because of the kids :)

A lot has happened in this short amount of time, some great and some not so much. It's really been an emotional roller coaster.
Recently my uncle passed away from lung cancer and complications. He was my dad's brother and even though I hadn't seen him in a while, it was really sad to see what my aunt and cousin were going through. It made me reflect on my life and my parents too. I should be thankful for every moment I have with them and cherish my time. 

I didn't mean to leave on a sad note; I am posting a school post soon, so check back. :)