Saturday, February 2, 2013

Well, there goes my healthy eating.

I knew saying I wanted to ease back into eating regular food was me basically fooling myself into thinking I would. The 22nd day of my 21 day fast was pretty much my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

It started out with me feeling very sick. Like throw up sick. At church, I curled up in the corner and passed out through the whole service. Then, on the way home, my car stopped in the road. Granted, it was my fault (I was low on gas). And I drove right past my  usual gas station because I wanted to avoid those annoying people that sell products outside. I was feeling sick, and I didn't have the energy to deal with that. So I drove past to go to the one near my apartment, and it just stopped. Good thing my sister was home and was nice enough to come and fill my tank just enough to drive to the gas station.

It did not end there.

I was still feeling sick, but I was determined to end my night well by going to Hopdoddy. I went to the location in Austin, and fell for their Ahi tuna burger. I had planned this as my fast celebration, so sick or not, I was going.

I couldn't even try the Nutella Milkshake :(

I was still feeling sick, so I barely ate half the burger. The truffle fries were good. I need to back and try a milkshake!

Anyway, I was feeling like I should just go home and end the day by going to bed. But sometimes it doesn't work that way. My strange day ended with my toilet completely flooding my bathroom floor. As I watched the water gushing out, I just started to laugh (hysterically perhaps?) because sometimes that's all you can do. So I spent nearly 2 hours mopping, bleaching, scrubbing, and bleaching again.

I went to sleep hoping the next day would be better, and it was. Thank God.

I found a recipe at lemons and anchovies for Nutella Banana Bread a while back. I finally got to make some. I made the recipe as listed, but next time, I think I'll put less sugar. I don't think it needs as much, especially with the Nutella and bananas.

Last night I watched Les Misérables with Ari. It was so good and so sad! I love all the music and I wish I had watched the original cast in the musical. I saw the 25th anniversary version on tv a while ago and they were great also. I just love musicals!

Urban Outfitters before the movie

I discovered two good places to eat today. One is in Harry Hines called Ahjumma "Old Lady" in Korean. They have good Korean snack dishes and it was so packed.

I need to go back to try other dishes!

After eating lunch, we went to Brown Sugar Cafe in Carrollton for some waffles! It was delicious. I am definitely going back!

This weekend is going by so fast! I feel like I've been working nonstop for the past two weeks. Parent conferences, meetings, deadlines, grading etc. are wearing me out. Let's make it to Spring Break!


  1. aw i'm so sad i missed eating out with you yesterday!! when you want to go to brown sugar, let me know... i live so close to it... maybe i'll drag my fat butt out there and have some tea with ya!